VOIP Phone Offer

By opting for our Voice over IP solution, you can use your IP-based network to talk and send data simultaneously. Thanks to this unique infrastructure for your email, fax and phone communications, you simplify your process, save time and make your staff easier to be contacted. Using an employee-based recognition system, your staff can work wherever they want – without configuration expenses and time delays. And you don’t need to worry about the integration of this forwardlooking technology: our experts will work with you to develop the best conversion scenario for your company.

Technically-available performance characteristics of line

Certain performance characteristics may incur a charge, depending on the tariff and type of product.

Multiple subscriber numbers
Up to 10 MSN may be operated.
Single phone number for analogue terminals
Block dialling
Individual dialling
Direct Dial Inward function
Direct dialling of individual extensions of the system.
Calling number presentation
The caller's phone number is displayed to the call recipient
Calling number restriction
The caller's phone number is displayed to the call recipient
Intercepting nuisance calls
The number of the last call will be logged.
The customer must make a request in advance
of this feature to cegecom.
CLIP no screening
The client can transfer a service number for
outgoing calls that is displayed to the call
recipient. This feature cannot be guaranteed if
calling abroad.
Optional calling number restriction
Partial Rerouting (302 moved)
Call holding
Call blocking
Three-party conference
Closed User Group
Virtual group of participants to a fixed network.
Participants can only call each other.
Data connections 64 kbits/s
Analogue modem connections
Fax connections

 Not supported by line.
Supported by line (function depends on system/ terminal).
Supported by line (function depends on system/ terminal).
Customer must apply to ILR for authorisation for this feature.
To avoid transmission faults, the data rates on fax equipment should be set at maximum 9600 kBit/s. Error Correction Mode should be deactivated.