Telecommunications solution for SME

All-in-one telecommunications solution for your business: combine Internet access and telephone service!

With COMPLETE, cegecom’s all-in-one telecommunications solution, you have both an Internet access and a basic telephone service. The different asymmetrical bandwidths available – up to 1 Gbps download speed and 500 Mbps upload speed – enable you to download your files in a few seconds, to surf the Internet or even to connect your message service webmail. (5 five free emails addresses on request). For some specific applications, a fixed IP address is included.

The phone service offers you the opportunity to connect your phones to analogue or ISDN ports, to phone ports of our cegecom HomeServer broadband network or under the form of a SIP-TRUNK port for the VoIP thanks to an electrical Ethernet interface.

As an option, you can have up to three communication channels over all available ports of the HomeServer or use the SIP-TRUNK port for 8, 30 or 60 communication channels.


COMPLETE, is the simplest way to connect your business to the Internet and phone network.


Bandwidth for the COMPLETE solution

The COMPLETE connection provides a asymmetrical bandwidth. For more details about available speeds, as well as information about our open Internet, please visit our net neutrality page at

Phone Services

Depending on the access infrastructure, cegecom provides its clients with one of the following services :

  • An analogue phone connection with one phone number a point
  • A multipoint ISDN connection with one or more phone numbers (MSN)
  • 2 communication channels with one phone number configured on HomeServer ports
  • 8, 30 or 60 communication channels in the form of a SIP-TRUNK port for direct connection compatible IP-PBX