High Speed Interconnections / Connect Wave

Ultra-high for real-time business

With Connect Wave, you connect all the locations where your critical data are stored with ultra-high speed and very low-latency, enabling you to use them as one site. You benefit from a fast and efficient connectivity and real-time data replication able to maintain business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Connect Wave uses the DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology – uo to 100 Gbps with the Ethernet protocol and up to 8 Gbit/s with the Fibre Channel protocol. This technology enables a single optical fibre to transmit mutiple channels of data and ensures you short latency time and optimum reliability

On request, the service can be delivered via two different paths to further increase the availability. On demand, an extra level of security can be added to your interconnections with our encryption solution.


Adaptability of the ultra-fast network solution

Connect Wave puts guaranteed symmetrical bandwidths at your disposal. The maximum symmetric bandwidths are available in the table below:

ProduitBande passanteInterface
Connect Wave 1G1 Gbit/sOptical LX Single Mode
Connect Wave 10G10 Gbit/sOptical LX Single Mode
Connect Wave 100G100 Gbit/sOptical LX Single Mode
Connect Wave 2G Fibre Channel2 Gbit/sOptical LX Single Mode
Connect Wave 4G Fibre Channel4 Gbit/sOptical LX Single Mode
Connect Wave 8G Fibre Channel8 Gbit/sOptical LX Single Mode

Computer security of ultra-fast network solution

An extra level of security for all data transfers can be added upon request

  • Algorithme de chiffrement AES-256
  • Standards NIST SP 800-38A et FIPS PUB 197
  • Protocole d’échange de clés Diffie-Hellman