Symmetrical Internet Connection

Online Corporate
High-speed Internet access

Thanks to the symmetrical bandwidths from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps of the Online Corporate solution, you can exchange large files, surf the web with confidence, take part in high-quality videoconferences, synchronize your data quickly with remote servers and take full advantage of Cloud computing services.

You enjoy not only first-class connectivity thanks to a large number of national and international network access points but also individual advice and tailored solutions, unlimited package for the volume of data transferred and monitoring of your Online Corporate service via MRTG (Multiple Router Traffic Grapher) web page.

This program enables you to monitor your network, create statistics in a graphical form (data exchanged, number of connections, traffic, latency, requests, etc.) and save them in HTML files.

Bandwidth Symmetrical Internet Connection

The Online Corporate connection provides a symmetrical bandwidth. The variants and maximum symmetrical bandwidths available can be found in the following table :

ProductDownload/Upload rate in kbit/s
Download/Upload rate in kbit/s
Download/Upload rate in kbit/s
Online Corporate 10M10.0005.0008.500
Online Corporate 20M20.00010.00017.000
Online Corporate 30M30.00020.00025.500
Online Corporate 50M50.00030.00042.500
Online Corporate 100M100.00050.00085.000
Online Corporate 200M200.000100.000170.000
Online Corporate 500M500.000200.000425.000
Online Corporate 1G1.000.000500.000850.000
Online Corporate 10G10.000.0002.000.0008.500.000

The normal value represents the total average bandwidth available to 80% of the clients.

IP Address for Symmetrical Internet Connection

You can choice between, one static public address or a range of public addresses /29 that are included. You can get a range of public IP addresses /27 and /28 on request. Possible backup lines via different technologies.