Analogue and ISDN Phone Offer

Analogue line

The analogue line (Phone Analog) is still the right choice if you are a small company or if you use special applications such as fire alarm and emergency call systems.


ISDN line (Phone BRI)

Our ISDN lines (Phone BRI) enable you to take full advantage of digital technology, high connection speed, top voice quality, a lot of features and per second billing. If you are a larger company, professional ISDN primary rate interfaces (Phone BRI-PBX and Phone PRI) give you the possibility to use up to 30 voice channels at the same time with additional connections as your activity grows.

Technically available service features

Depending on the tariff and the type of product, some service features may be subject to charges.

Service featuresPhone-PRIPhone-PRI-PBXPhone-BRIPhone-Analog
Multiple subscriber
numbers UP to 10 MSN
may be operated.
Single phone number
for analogue devices
Block dialling
Overlap dialling
Direct Dial Inward function
Direct dialling of individual
extensions of the phone system.
Calling number
The caller’s phone number is
displayed to the call recipient.
Calling number suppression
The caller’s phone number is not
displayed to the call recipient
Intercepting nuisance calls
The number of the last call will be
logged. The customer must make
a request in advance of this feature
to cegecom.
CLIP no screening
The customer can transfer a
service number for outgoing
calls that is displayed to the call
recipient. This feature cannot be
guaranteed if calling abroad.
Call forwarding if line busy
A preset call forwarding is
activated immediately if the line
is busy.
Call forwarding if no reply
A preset call forwarding is
activated after a specific period
of time.
Unconditional call
All calls are forwarded
Optional calling
number restriction
Call waiting
Partial rerouting
Call blocking
Call holding
Three-party conference call
Cloud User Group
Virtual group of subscribers to a
fixed network. Subscribers can
only call each other and cannot be
contacted by any other phone.
Data connections 64 kbit/s restricted/unrestricted.
Analogue modem
Fax connections

Not supported by product.
Supported by product (function depends on telephone/telephone system).
The customer must request authorization for this feature from ILR.