Asymmetrical Internet Connection

Online Business
The simplest way to connect your business to Internet

Thanks to asymmetrical bandwidths from 20 Mbps to 1 Gbps download speed and 1 to 500 Mbps upload speed, you download your files in a few seconds and surf the Internet easily. You benefit from unlimited data transferred, 5 free email addresses defined as you wish and a static IP address which guarantees you a continuous presence on the Net.

Throughout the entire period of your subscription, we not only provide you with professional terminal equipment supervised but also monitor your Online Business service via a MRTG (Multiple Router Traffic Grapher) web page. This program enables you to monitor your network, create statistics in a graphical form (data exchanged, number of connections, traffic, latency, requests, etc.) and save them in HTML files.


The Online Business connection provides an asymmetrical bandwidth. For more details about available speeds, as well as information about our open Internet, please visit our net neutrality page at

IP Address

One static public adress is included. You can get a range of public IP adresses /29 on request.

Access Infrastructure

DSL or Fibre Optic.