Additional services Online Business

Additional services

In accordance with the agreement and within the scope of existing technical and operational possibilities cegecom will provide the following additional services for an additional charge:

Optional IP address range

The following address ranges are optionally offered:

IP address rangeUsable IP addresses
Static IP address (included)1
Une adresse est nécessaire pour le routeur/équipement terminal de cegecom. L'attribution des plages d'adresses se fait conformément au paragraphe 3.5.

*One address is needed for the cegecom NT.
The address ranges are awarded analogously to Section 3.5 .

Restrictions on service

With products from the Online product line data are transmitted transparently to OSI Layer3. cegecom cannot filter undesirable data that influences use of the Internet access. The customer is responsible for taking suitable protective measures against attacks from the Internet. cegecom reserves the right to block certain IP addresses or IP address ranges (black hole routing), taking into consideration the interests of the customer in protection against misuse and as defined by consumer protection law. On request cegecom will provide the customer with a complete list of blocks or restrictions, insofar as these have been set up.

Fault clearance and Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The basic monthly price for the chosen product includes the ESSENTIAL SLA variant as standard. The service level may be increased to COMFORT or ELITE for a surcharge. The relevant agreements for cegecom SLAs apply.