Interconnection Network Solutions / Connect Ethernet

A single network for all your sites.

With Connect Ethernet, you connect all your sites, whatever the business network used (LAN, MAN ou WAN), with leased broadband lines which ensure the continuous operation of your applications in your different offices. Connect Ethernet uses the Carrier Ethernet protocol which enable you to have a more performing network thanks to higher speed and additional services including supervision, performance measures and protection management. Connect Ethernet provides a symmetrical bandwidth up to 1.5 Gbps and is perfecty suited to bandwidth intensive applications, such as site to site video, data storage and data centre consolidation. On request, the service can be delivered via two different paths to further increase the availability. On demand, an extra level of security can be added to your interconnections with our encryption solution.

Technical characteristics of the Ethernet solution

Discover all the technical features of the Ethernet Interconnect Network solution for your business.

Adaptability of the Ethernet solution

Connect Ethernet 2M2 Mbit/s100BaseT
Connect Ethernet 4M4 Mbit/s100BaseT
Connect Ethernet 6M6 Mbit/s100BaseT
Connect Ethernet 8M8 Mbit/s100BaseT
Connect Ethernet 10M10 Mbit/s100BaseT
Connect Ethernet 20M20 Mbit/s100BaseT
Connect Ethernet 50M50 Mbit/s100BaseT
Connect Ethernet 100M100 Mbit/s100BaseT, 1000BaseT
Connect Ethernet 200M200 Mbit/s1000BaseT
Connect Ethernet 500M500 Mbit/s1000BaseT
Connect Ethernet 1000M1 Gbit/s1000BaseT


Connect Ethernet offers two network interfaces : an User Network Interface (UNI) or an External Network Interface (ENNI). h3>Topology

Connect Ethernet can be configured as a private line connecting two locations or a meshed network connecting several sites.


An extra level of security to your data transport can be added on request :

  • Algorithme de chiffrement AES-256 ;
  • Standards NIST SP 800-38A et FIPS PUB 197 ;
  • Protocole d’échange de clés Diffie-Hellman.