Connect Ethernet Providing the connection


The date for provision of the connection will be notified by cegecom to the customer in good time. Where necessary, installation of the network connection will be carried out by cegecom. The connection is deemed provided once it is technically ready for use and the data rate specified in Section 2.3 is available. Technical readiness for use will be documented by an acceptance test measurement.

Access to the customer’s premises

In order to guarantee trouble-free installation and fault-free operation of the connection it is necessary for employees of cegecom or of third parties commissioned by cegecom to have access to the customer’s premises. In the event of malfunction access may also be necessary outside normal business hours (at night, weekends). If the customer does not ensure access, this may lead to delays with installation/ fault clearance. cegecom reserves the right to charge for delays caused by the customer. Upholding any agreed fault clearance times cannot in this case be guaranteed by cegecom. Please note the relevant supplementary service agreements in this connection.

Transfer point and responsabilities

If local conditions require, cegecom provides the customer with a high-grade network terminal (NT) on loan for the term of the contract. This NT defines the transfer point between the customer’s network and the network of cegecom. The transfer interface to the NT is an electrical port, in accordance with IEEE802.3 specifications.

The terminals then connected to the NT are the responsibility of the customer. This product does not include providing the customer with other technical requirements for the service, in particular the necessary technical infrastructure (cabling, electricity connections, etc.), or offering support to obtain them. The NT is always installed in the immediate proximity (maximum 2m) of the main connection. On request cegecom will (insofar technically possible) install the NT in another position in the building. This service is not part of the package and must be commissioned separately following individual advice and inspection of the premises.

Network terminal

The NT remains the property of cegecom and is preconfigured by cegecom. cegecom reserves the right to change the settings of the NT. The NT and its properties may vary depending on availability and future technical developments.  The customer is prohibited from making changes to the NT, or to allow them to be made by third parties.

There is a danger to health from laser radiation with the optical network terminal in cegecom’s optic fibre networks. Any change to the optic fibre line, optic fibre socket or the NT is expressly prohibited. The laser radiation that is used is invisible and accidental emission can result in damage to health.

If the customer relocates or the property is sold, the NT shall remain at the site of installation.