Enterprise Phone Solutions

Customized business telephony!

The cegecom PHONE services offer you a wide range of voice services able to meet all your requirements, whether your business is small or large.

Our phone solutions range from simple analogue line, ISDN line with the possibility of using simultaneously maximum 30 voice channels, shared phone system allowing “pay-as-you-grow” flexibility, Voice over IP line (VoIP) to added value voice services including standardised service number, Internet-based call management system, computerised phone ACD systems or voice dialogue systems.

You can also combine phone service with Internet access thanks to our COMPLETE services.

Simplify your calls !

MANAGED COM, an all-in-one virtual communication platform with advanced telephony and collaboration features are the perfect answer to the new organizational and relational challenges, but also, to the technological ones.

Mobile, efficient and cost-effective, MANAGED COM makes it easy to manage your communications and stay connected, without call forwarding or technical intervention!