Enterprise Phone Solutions

The cegecom PHONE services offer you a wide range of voice services able to meet all your requirements, whether your business is small or large.

Keep in touch with your customers

Our phone solutions range from simple analogue line, ISDN line with the possibility of using simultaneously maximum 30 voice channels, shared phone system allowing “pay-as-you-grow” flexibility, Voice over IP line to added value voice services including standardised service number, Internet-based call management system, computerised phone ACD systems or voice dialogue systems.

You can also combine phone service with Internet access thanks to our COMPLETE services.

Unified Communications Offer

Our MANAGED COM services enable you to have a real corporate communication platform. According to the size of your company, you can choose between Managed Com Corporate and Managed Com Business.

With Managed Com Corporate, you take full advantage of our 100% flexible all-in-one solution: you pay as you use and you pay as you grow. Our solution covers the installation of all your lines, the supply and management of your phone equipment. You can select the feature set that best suits to your business needs. Basic Voice ensures you an optimal basic communication. Unified Communications offers you a set of additional advanced voice services such as fixed mobile convergence, instant messaging and phone conference management. Contact Center is a powerful and integrated solution which upgrades your phone system to a real contact centre.

You can easily switch from one feature set to another as your business needs grow. You even have the opportunity to combine the three feature sets according to your configuration needs and sites – from the headquarters to the regional office, the branch office, the remote office and the remote user.

If you are a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), our Managed Com Business solution is the best option. Working on a shared infrastructure, this service provides you access at affordable prices to the functionalities of a unified communication. You have the choice between two feature sets: Basic Voice or Call Center.

Download the documentation for the PHONE solution

Download the documentation for the MANAGED COM solution