With our anti DDoS system, you can protect your network against denial of service attacks!

DDoS (distributed denial of service) – Protection against attacks on your network

Secure the performance of your network! Opt for our high-performance on-premises appliance-based solution to protect against DDoS attacks and minimise the damage to your Internet infrastructure.
DDoS attacks threaten your services, network security and business continuity, with reputational and financial repercussions. Our solution enables you to prevent these attacks and maintain optimum performance. Why DDoS?
Rapidly detect DDoS attacks of all sizes
The threat defense system fills the protection gap, by not only blocking the large volumetric attacks commonly associated with DDoS, but also detecting and surgically blocking the more common and smaller attacks which use the same vectors.
Automatic protection
Automatically mitigates a wide range of DDoS attacks, without operator intervention, maintaining full connectivity to avoid disrupting the delivery of legitimate traffic – stopping attacks faster.
Effective use of filtering
Good traffic is able to flow uninterrupted, enabling services and applications to stay online, while DDoS traffic is surgically blocked before it has the chance to cause any damaging effects.
Comprehensive visibility
The threat defense system leverages data analytics to deliver sophisticated and comprehensive visibility, reporting and alerting capabilities for clear, actionable intelligence on the DDoS attack activity happening across the network.
Security policy enforcement
Always-on traffic inspection, and real-time mitigation enforces security policies that prevent volumetric layers 2-4 DDoS attacks for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic.
DDoS Uniform protection
  • Monitor in real-time
  • Analyse attacks
  • Optimize protection
  • Enhance threat intelligence

DETECT: DDoS detection is the first step to achieving full DDoS protection. Our approach utilizes packet header and payload inspection to detect malicious traffic, as well as aggregated traffic monitoring to identify known and previously unknown attack traffic patterns.

MITIGATE: The goal of DDoS mitigation is to lessen the impact of an attack. Our threat defense system intelligently and responsively employs the correct mitigation method to defend against the attack while protecting operations.

PROTECT: DDoS protection represents the final, ongoing stage in the DDoS defense journey. While detecting focuses on identifying a DDoS attack and mitigation is about reducing its impact, protection is all about implementing automatic countermeasures that accurately separate DDoS traffic from good traffic to maintain service availability.

Process of a DDoS attack
Modern threat defence offers fast, real-time DDoS protection for digital businesses and service providers, faster than legacy solutions.

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