Unified Communications Solution

Simplify your calls !

MANAGED COM is an all-in-one virtual telephone platform, hosted by cegecom and designed to facilitate the management of your calls.

The unified communications solutions provided by cegecom are the perfect answer to the new organizational and relational challenges, but also, to the technological ones.

MANAGED COM easily integrates a wide variety of devices (PC, smartphone, tablet, …) thanks to its mobile application, which allows you to remain reachable and collaborate easily whether you are on the road, in the office or in the home-office.

MANAGED COM advantages:



Never miss a call again. Thanks to the mobile application, stay connected, without call forward or technical intervention.



No initial investment, the solution adapts to your equipment and your budget. No additional costs for internal calls from the greater region (DE, FR, LU, BE)



Migration is 100% managed and operated by cegecom. The solution allows you to improve the efficiency of your communications thanks to the conference management and instant messaging functions.



Upgrade your power station according to your needs with the “pay-as-you-grow” solution.

All-in-one communications solution for your business!

It enable you to have a real corporate communication platform. According to the size of your company, you can choose between Managed Com Corporate and Managed Com Business.


Managed Com Corporate : 100% flexible all-in-one solution

Managed Com Corporate is a complete solution for your business communications. You benefit from a state-of-the-art equipment, a modern and constantly up-to-date technology and a performing technical support centre. With this solution you don’t need to invest in a complex phone system.

You have the choice between three features sets:

  • Basic Voice ensures you an optimal basic communication with the main voice features such as call logs, call forwarding, three-party conferencing and personal phonebook.
  • Unified Communications offers you a set of additional advanced voice services such as fixed mobile convergence, instant messaging and phone conference management.
  • Contact Center, including the features of Basic Voice and Unified Communication this is a powerful and integrated solution which upgrades your phone system to a real contact centre

You can easily switch from one feature set to another as your business needs grow. You even have the opportunity to combine the three subscriptions according to your configuration needs and sites – from the headquarters to the regional office, the branch office, the remote office and the remote user.

Managed Com Business : Unified communication accessible to all

Our Managed Com Business solution is especially dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises. This shared communication platform provides access at affordable prices to a lot of functionalities such as connecting smartphones (Android and IOS) from any Wi-Fi network, taking over existing devices without having to replace them and benefiting from a reliable and redundant service provided by the cegecom datacenters.

You have the choice between two feature sets:

  • Basic Voice, contains several features: from call forwarding to presence status, one number service, disaster recovery routing, parallel ringing, busy lamp field, conferencing up to 20 subscribers, Fax2Mail and Mail2Fax.
  • Call Center, includes all the features of Basic Voice and offers additional options useful for the development of a call centre (Call Center Agent, IVR menus, waiting queue configuration, etc.).


Configuration example : Combine the feature sets according to your needs and sites.