Our story

cegecom in 4 chapters

In less than 20 years, cegecom grew from a small startup to a flourishing SME, firmly established into the Luxembourgish market, and one of the most important alternative and independent telecommunications providers in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. Here is the success story of cegecom in 4 chapters and 4 dates.

1999: a startup is born

cegecom is officially created on 4 November 1999. Founded after the liberalisation of the telecommunications industry, the new company is a subsidiary of a renowned Luxembourg group, Enovos International S.A., cegecom rapidly becomes a big player in the ICT landscape.

2006: the artelis Group is created

In 2006, cegecom and the Saarland telecommunications company VSE NET GmbH, operating in Germany since 1998, merge to create the artelis Group. With 100% shares of the two companies, 160 employees and an annual turnover of more than 60 million euros, the artelis Group becomes the first telecommunications group in the Greater Region.

2014: cegecom obtains the “Made in Luxembourg” label

In July 2014, cegecom is granted the “Made in Luxembourg” label, which rewards its Luxembourgish expertise. This label represents for us a double recognition. It not only recognises the cegecom contribution to the technological and digital development of the country thanks to its innovative products and services but also its active participation to promote the Luxembourgish know-how abroad.

2017: the major shareholder takes the reins

In January 2017, following the request of Encevo International (former Enovos International) to sell the whole part of its shares, VSE AG raises it stake in the artelis Group to 90%, the remaining 10% being held by the Franco-German regional bank SaarLB. The consolidation represents a turning point for the future of cegecom.

VSE AG is headquartered in Saarbrücken and employs some 1,500 people. Through its subsidiaries, the Group operates in Germany in electricity, gas and water supply businesses, in telecommunications, energy and technical services, in IT and commercial service deliveries, in energy data and metering service sectors.

2019: cegecom celebrates 20 years of service and passion