Classic Enterprise Interconnection Solution / Connect classic

Your fast and reliable Internet connection in Luxembourg

With Connect Classic, you benefit from a highly reliable broadband connection between all your sites, whether for PBX phone systems or a local business network (LAN).

Connect Classic uses SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) technology, a set of protocols for high-speed data transmission, and provides leased broadband lines up to 2.5 Gbps. This mature technology ensures you the high level of availability for our connections. To get more availability, the service can be delivered via two different paths on request.

Technical characteristics of the conventional interconnection network solution

Discover all the technical features of the classic interconnection network solution for your business

Adaptability of the conventional interconnection network solution

Connect Classic provides guaranteed symmetrical bandwidths for you. The maximum symmetric bandwidths are available in the table below:


Connect Classic 2M2 Mbit/s (E1)G703
Connect Classic 155M 15155 Mbit/s (STM-1)G957
Connect Classic 622M622 Mbit/s (STM-4)G957
Connect Classic 2,5 G 22,5 Gbit/s (STM-16)G957

Connect Classic is available in E1, STM1, STM4 and STM16 types and can be ordered in both UNI-UNI and UNI-NNI connection types. Connect Classic STM1 as well as STM4 can be controlled according to the VC-x via UNI sub-structure defined in Table 1. Connect Classic E1 is transmitted with the E1 interface via UNI. UNI-NNI connections are transmitted via NNI according to the STM4 or STM16 interfaces defined in Table 1.

Connectivity of the conventional interconnect network solution

The connection can be made via a dedicated interface or via a centralized interface in several logical subinterfaces.

Monitoring of the conventional interconnection network solution

The cegecom main network usage load is monitored and automatically extended if a threshold value is exceeded. Thus, the risks of strangulation can be identified early and can be remedied preventively.