General Information Connect Classic

General Information about the Product

For years, organizations have a need to interconnect different locations, connecting Voice PBX or Local area networks.

CONNECT CLASSIC use the mature SDH technology to combine high bandwidth capacity with efficient link utilization. Thanks to a backbone ring topology, the dedicated connection services offer a high level of reliability and availability.


Cegecom S.A (“Cegecom”) provides the customer with a symmetrical end-to-end connection, within the existing technical and operational framework.

Using the synchronous time multiplex procedure achieves best utilisation of the capacities offered by the transmission medium. Cegecom reserves the right, where necessary, to realise the subscriber line / fibre optic line and services via third parties. Individual features may incur a charge, depending on the product and product variant. Below is a description of the services and features CONNECT CLASSIC.

Bandwidth and interfaces

Bandwidth denotes the throughput (in Mbit/s) of the connection or physical interface (UNI/NNI) at Layer 1. Connect Classic provides symmetrical guaranteed bandwidths. The maximum symmetrical bandwidths can be found in the following table:

Product variantSymmetrical bandwidth
Connect Classic 2M (E1)2 MBit/s
Connect Classic 155M (STM-1)155 MBit/s
Connect Classic 622M (STM-4)622 MBit/s
Connect Classic 2,5G (STM-16)2,5 GBit/s
Tableau 1: Largeurs de bande et Interfaces

Table:  CONNECT CLASSIC Bandwidths

CONNECT CLASSIC is available as E1, STM1, STM4 and STM16 variants and with UNI-UNI and UNI-NNI

type connections. CONNECT CLASSIC STM1 and STM4 can be ordered with VC-x substructure on UNI

type as defined in Table 1. CONNECT CLASSIC E1 is supplied with E1 interface on UNI type.

UNI-NNI connections are supplied on NNI type with STM4 or STM16 interfaces as defined in the Table.