Direct Cloud connection / Connect Public Cloud

Dedicated connection in the cloud

With Connect Public Cloud, you connect directly, via a virtual dedicated VLAN line, your servers and applications hosted in the public clouds of Amazon Web Services (Direct Connect) or Microsoft Azure (ExpressRoute) with your intern infrastructure.

This solution reduces costs and avoids the vulnerability and limitation of IP links (Internet). The connection is performed on a dedicated line, ensuring you a total data security. Unlike an IP connection, the bandwidth is only dedicated to you and not shared.

By combining this service with our CLOUD solution, you benefit from secure and Luxembourg-based servers and you can interconnect them with your business network wherever you are in the world, from Germany to United States, Spain or Turkey.

Solution interconnexion réseau directe ou Connect public cloud

Technical features from the direct cloud connection

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Connect Public Cloud 100M100 Mbit/s
Connect Public Cloud 200M200 Mbit/s
Connect Public Cloud 500M500 Mbit/s
Connect Public Cloud 1G1 Gbit/s
Connect Public Cloud 2G2 Gbit/s
Connect Public Cloud 5G5 Gbit/s
Connect Public Cloud 10G10 Gbit/s

Dedicated uptime to 99.9%

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