Our high-speed Internet.
For complete control of your business.

Work, surf and exchange files 10 times faster.

Take it to the next level!

Remote work, downloading and exchange of large files, video conferencing, backup in the Cloud, collaboration in SaaS mode (Software as a Service)...

These new uses push every company, whatever its size or sector of activity, to boost their performance.

Fiber optic for professionals offers the stability, bandwidth and ultra-fast Internet that your business needs:


Access the Internet at up to 10 Gbps and benefit from the reliability of our own fiber network


Work, surf and exchange files 10 times faster and without interruption


Makemulti-site usage more accessible thanks to this network's performance


Improve collaborative work by facilitating the use of new work methods.
Professional installation
24/7 Helpdesk
SLA up to 99.99%
Secure access infrastructure
  • Dual entry
  • Fall-back
  • Dual AS
  • Managed Routers
  • Firewalling

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