Product constraints analog and ISDN

Fax connections

For fax connections, we recommend that the maximum transmission bandwidth is limited to 9600 kBit/s and that ECM (Error Correction Mode) is switched off. The exact procedure for switching ECM off can usually be found in the user manual provided by the equipment manufacturer. Deviation from the recommended settings may impair fax transmission.

Pager / Emergency Call Systems

Use of emergency call systems alarm systems with the analogue interface is possible but not guaranteed. It must be tested by the customer in each individual case. The customer is responsible for the power supply for the emergency equipment.

Fraud prevention / protection against attacks on telecommunications systems and telephones

The customer must take sufficient precautionary steps to ensure state-of-the-art protection against third-party attacks on the telephone systems and connected terminals. This applies in particular to IP-capable telephone systems and IP telephones. Factory setting passwords must be changed to individual secret passwords. Where feasible in technical and operational terms, cegecom will do its best to detect atypical traffic (e.g. uncontrolled calls from the customer to service numbers) and block them using corresponding call barring mechanisms. However, for technical reasons, cegecom cannot guarantee the detection and the blocking of traffic. cegecom cannot be held liable in the event of damages.

Service restrictions

cegecom reserves the right to block individual destination numbers, groups of destination numbers or destination countries in the interests of the customer in order to protect against misuse and within the terms of consumer protection legislation. cegecom shall provide a list of all corresponding blocks or restrictions upon request where applicable.