Our carrier grade Internet solutions

“These exceptional times have proven that our clients entirely rely on the professionalism, reactivity and commitment of our field engineers and project management team”, Emin Allagui says. “It is worth mentioning that they maintained on-site presence in our office during the whole confinement period to ensure a smooth delivery and provisioning of our DIA and broadband services”.

cegecom’s internet range of services are divided between broadband and DIA offerings.

Our broadband offering is based on asymmetrical bandwidth with a download speed starting from 30 up to 1 Gbps and an upload speed from 10 up to 500 Mbps.

On the other hand, our DIA offering is based on premium symmetrical bandwidth going from 2Mbps up to 100Gbps.

cegecom’s carrier grade Internet solutions fulfills your customer’s requirements thanks to complementary services such as : physical and logical redundancy, media and CPE diversity, dual AS, in house cabling and civil works, tailored design, competitive SLAs scheme and fault clearance.


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Carrier & Wholesale Manager
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Emin Allagui
Wholesale Account Manager
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