Connect your network to the future with SD-WAN

The workplace is rapidly evolving. It becomes more and more dependent on technology that boosts connectivity and productivity. This digital transformation requires more sophisticated networking solutions that are faster, more agile and more secure. With traditional WAN technologies, you stand the risk of poor network performance. It is time to turn to next-generation networks (NGN), and one of them in particular: SD-WAN. What is it, how does it work and why do you need it?


SD-WAN is an acronym for Software-defined Wide Area Network. It is a virtual architecture that allows your organization to leverage any transport services – including MPLS, LTE and broadband Internet services – to connect users to applications securely. SD-WAN has many advantages and may be the solution you have been waiting for. Why? Here are the six biggest reasons to use this new technology for your network.


1. You save time and money

One of the biggest reasons to use an SD-WAN is its cost effectivity. It saves you money and time with simple deployment and configuration. The IT involvement is minimal. You simply overlay a software-side implementation onto the technology you already have. You can use any connection, whether that is MPLS, Ethernet, WiFi, 4G/5G or anything else. SD-WAN helps you get the most out of your existing connectivity, delivering bandwidth to the most business-critical applications.


2. You use your WAN bandwidth more efficiently

SD-WAN can provide you a secure and fast connection both within and without the network. You do not need to manage traffic through physical routers. An SD-WAN relies on a software overlay to provide you with more efficient WAN bandwidth utilization through dynamic path selection. It allows unifying all available WAN links to offer aggregate capacity for high-demand applications such as video conferencing or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Your bandwidth is allocated where it can make the most significant impact at any given time.


3. You become more agile

SD-WAN technology makes your network technology and infrastructure more agile. Instead of adding new hardware to your network as it is the case in a traditional MPLS, SD-WAN is deployed and controlled through a software platform with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process. You can have SD-WAN configured and ready to go to a new location in just a few days or less. It is particularly useful if you are a growing business. You get unrivalled flexibility and scalability.


4. You enhance your network security

The key component of SD-WAN is end-to-end encryption. Any data being transmitted is encrypted and protected, even if your traffic gets intercepted. By doing so, SD-WAN adds a layer of data security to existing security solutions like antivirus and firewalls. Additionally, it is possible with SD-WAN to isolate security breaches by segmenting data flow. If a cyberattack takes place, an IT manager can segment the breach by isolating it to a particular device or network group and preventing it from spreading to the rest of the organization.


5. You improve your network performance

By combining centralized management, different connection technologies and multiple Internet Service Providers, SD-WAN improves overall network performance at every location in your organization. Its centralized controller perceives all the links that make up your network, receives information from your applications simultaneously, and can direct traffic to the most efficient and least expensive path. So, you are sure that the data throughput is in line with the requirements of each application.


6. You reduce complexity and have greater control

 SD-WAN helps you to simplify your WAN infrastructure and have greater control over it. The centralized control capabilities of SD-WAN allow for automated monitoring, traffic management and offloading noncritical business applications.


At cegecom, we are convinced that SD-WAN has clearly become an axis for companies’ networks in line with the challenges of today and tomorrow. Our department Carrier and Wholesale Solutions, which delivers carrier grade connectivity and voice services across Luxembourg and beyond, is actively working on it. If you want more information about SD-WAN, do not hesitate to contact us at