Equipment and App

National and International Voice Communications

Allocation of telephone numbers

The customer shall receive one telephone number from cegecom pool as part of the regulatory requirements of the ILR (Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation). Optionally, the customer can also continue to use his current telephone number with the new connection (porting). There is no guarantee that consecutive telephone numbers will be issued. The customer will receive one telephone number out of the telephone number range granted to cegecom by the ILR. For the Managed Com Corporate service, the customer will receive a block of telephone numbers, consisting of the main number and the DDI range. The complete telephone number, including extension range, must always consist of 8 digits (e.g. 1234-xxxx, 12345-xxx or 123456-xx). The extension -1 will be used as the telephone number for the switch board operator. The customer must give reasons to justify the need for a three- to four-digit extension, consisting of blocks of 1.000 or 10.000 individual telephone numbers.


If a different provider has already allocated a telephone number to the customer, the customer may continue to use the existing telephone number(s) instead of a new telephone number in compliance with statutory regulations. If the customer asks cegecom to port his/her telephone number(s), cegecom will handle this order with the customer’s previous subscriber network operator on the customer’s behalf. The previous subscriber network operator is solely responsible for actually carrying out the porting order.

Call set-up

The customer can accept calls using connected terminals and set up calls towards other phone numbers, as long as the called party is technically available. Where cegecom offers access to third-party services (e.g. information services, premium rate services), cegecom has no influence on the execution or termination of these services by the third parties, even if cegecom quotes these services in the price list.

Connection probability

cegecom offers an annual average connection probability of 97.0%. The telephone network of cegecom is compliant with international standards for economic dimensioning, therefore the customer must accept that it may not be possible to make a connection every time.

Call diversions

Call diversions are subject to charges in line with the agreed tariff model.

Telephone directory entries and entries in electronic directories

cegecom records the data provided by the customer and passes this on to the communications directories agreed by ILR. The communications directory is used as the basis for entry in publicly available subscriber directories (particularly in a regional telephone directory) and for electronic information services. cegecom is only liable for the correct handover of data to the data editing team and is not responsible for any possible errors in data editing. The customer shall provide cegecom with the relevant data when ordering the phone line, informing cegecom if he/she objects to a reverse search. This applies in particular for porting, as there is otherwise a risk that the previous operator may delete the data. Further “detailed entries” cannot be recorded by cegecom. They can only be requested by the phone line owner him/herself at the data editorial staff.

Call-by-call and pre-selection

Services by so-called carrier network operators (call-by-call or pre-selection services) cannot be activated.

Voice Traffic and Emergency Call Routing

The voice traffic will be charged according to the offered tariff model. Each customer site will be realized with at least one main office number related to the geographical location to ensure correct routing of emergency calls. Any modification of the emergency call routing by the customer is prohibited.

  • Available Devices
  • Desktop Phone IP35G & IP55G


OpenScape Téléphone de bureau IP 35G

Affichage : 2 lignes, 205×41 pixels

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OpenScape  Téléphone de bureau  IP 55G

Affichage : 320×240 pixels (QVGA), TFT 14,5cm (5,7 pouces), couleurs 65k

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Station DECT

Station HiPath  l IP DECT

  • Support des téléphones DECT SL5 et S5
  • Réseau de transfert multicellulaire
  • fonctionnalité „Power-over-Ethernet“
  • jusqu’à 10 stations de base dans un
  • domaine de transfert (serveur supplémentaire obligatoire)

Appareils mobiles DECT


  • Apte au roaming
  • Transfert homogène de connexion
  • Transmission vocale cryptée concernant la norme DECT
  • Clavier éclairé
  • Touche combinée accepter appel/mains libres
  • Touche de navigation 5 voies
  • Deux touches affichage librement programmables
  • Affichage couleurs TFT 56k