Enterprise Phone Solutions

Keep in touch with your customers

The cegecom PHONE services offer you a wide range of voice services able to meet all your requirements, whether your business is small or large.

Our phone solutions range from simple analogue line, ISDN line with the possibility of using simultaneously maximum 30 voice channels, shared phone system allowing “pay-as-you-grow” flexibility, Voice over IP line to added value voice services including standardised service number, Internet-based call management system, computerised phone ACD systems or voice dialogue systems.

Our Enterprise Phone Solution / Phone

With the cegecom PHONE solutions, you have the choice between analogue line, ISDN line, Voice over IP line and advanced voice services. Simple analogue line

The simple analogue line

(Phone Analog) is still the right choice if you are a small company or if you use special applications such as fire alarm and emergency call systems.

ISDN line

(Phone BRI) Our ISDN lines (Phone BRI) enable you to take full advantage of digital technology, high connection speed, top voice quality, a lot of features and per second billing. If you are a larger company, professional ISDN primary rate interfaces (Phone BRI-PBX and Phone PRI) give you the possibility to use up 30 voice channels at the same time with additional connections as your activity grows

Voice over IP line

By opting for our Voice over IP solution, you can use your IP-based network to talk and send data simultaneously. Thanks to this unique infrastructure for your email, fax and phone communications, you simplify your process, save time and make your staff easier to be contacted. Using an employeebased recognition system, your staff can work wherever they want – without configuration expenses and time delays. And you don’t need to worry about the integration of this forward-looking technology: our experts will work with you to develop the best conversion scenario for your company

Advanced voice services

Our advanced voice services give you a maximum level of availability and security with personalised solutions quickly and cost effectively implemented. If you want to have your own single service number, we will take care of everything. Our Internet-based call management system offers in real time 24/7 services, including routing, statistics and individual message downloading. With our computerized phone ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), you benefit from optimized and tailor-made call processing services. Our voice dialogue systems provide 24/24 routine solutions to better assist your customers when they are seeking a contact or requiring information and can be integrated in different types of telecommunications installations, CTI products and data processing systems.

And to better greet and serve your customers, we provide you our advanced voice service modules including automatic switching of contact numbers (Automatic Dial out), teleconference systems, Voice2Mail and Fax2Mail to receive voice messages and incoming faxes directly by email.

You can also combine phone service with Internet access thanks to our COMPLETE services.