Major groups

We provide you the best for your business

As a major group, you need reliable and fully secure communications that preserve your competitiveness and firmly establish your presence, both nationally and globally. You can count on us: we are an alternative operator with a wide business experience and redundant platforms in connectivity, Internet, voice, data centres and cloud.

With our connectivity services and on-demand encryption solutions, you manage your business in real time everywhere in the world. Thanks to our own cross-border infrastructure and our partner networks, you link all your national and international sites with ultra-broadband combining a short latency time and optimum reliability.

Our ultra-high-speed Internet solutions enable you to exchange large files, surf the web with confidence, participate in high-quality video-conferences and synchronise your data in real time with remote servers. And if you combine them with our Cloud services or our portfolio of hosting services and solutions in our data centres, you use exclusively our own network and increase your data security and availability.

Our powerful integrated voice solution enables you to transform your phone system into a real contact centre for the optimal distribution and handling of incoming calls, faxes and e-mails and optional convenient functions such as reporting and monitoring.