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100% flexible all-in-one solution

Managed Com Corporate is a complete solution for your business communications. You benefit from a state-of-the-art equipment, a modern and constantly up-to-date technology and a performing technical support centre.

Our solution is 100% flexible. You don’t need to invest in a complex phone system. You have the choice between three features sets: Basic Voice, Unified Communication or Contact Centre. You can easily switch from one feature set to another as your business needs grow. You even have the opportunity to combine the three subscriptions according to your configuration needs and sites – from the headquarters to the regional office, the branch office, the remote office and the remote user.

Basic Voice ensures you an optimal basic communication with the main voice features such as call logs, call forwarding, three-party conferencing and personal phonebook.

Including the features of Basic Voice, Unified Communications offers you a set of additional advanced voice services such as fixed mobile convergence, instant messaging and phone conference management. Our fixed mobile convergence solution enables you to use your smartphones (Android and IOS) as an additional extension of your business communication system. Thanks to our instant messaging, you can exchange messages in real time with all your Managed Com Unified (and Contact Centre) subscribers. With the conference management features, you have the possibility to initiate and manage permanent and recurrent conference calls.

Including the features of Basic Voice and Unified Communication, Contact Centre is a powerful and integrated solution which upgrades your phone system to a real contact centre. All your incoming calls, faxes and emails are distributed and handled in an optimal way. In addition, a number of convenient functions such as reporting and monitoring can be optionally added to the Contact Centre agents via the MyAgent application.


Basic incoming and outgoing calls (basic national and international calls with a transparent

and fair tariff model for business clients)

Call log (recording of time and date of incoming, outgoing and missed calls)

Call Forwarding

Three-Party Conferencing


Fax (possibility to connect existing fax machines)


(includes features of Basic Voice)

FaxBox (enables subscribers to receive and send fax messages via email application or Microsoft

Outlook without using a fax machine)

Drag&Drop Conference Management (for the use of conference management features,

such as managing and intiating permanent and recurring conferences)

DeskShare (enables an IP user to log in at another IP system phone and use this phone as his

or her own personal device)

Desktop Dialer (enables users to call a selected number or a number copied to the Windows


Presence Status (shows if another MANAGED COM subscriber is available or not)

One Number Service (enables a subscriber to be reached through a single phone number,

independent of which MANAGED COM device is used)

Status-Based Call Forwarding (sis activated depending on the presence/absence status of

the called MANAGED COM user)

Personal Auto Attendant (enables callers to be automatically transferred to an extension

without the intervention of an operator or receptionist)

Call Recording (the call content can be recorded and stored into a file)

Voice and Fax Messages (the Voicemail and Fax service enables subscribers to receive

and manage messages via email application or Microsoft Outlook)

Instant Messaging (exchange messages in real time with all Managed Com Unified

and Contact Centre subscribers)

Fixed-Mobile Convergence/Smartphone Integration (the smartphone – Android

or IOS – can be configured as an additional extension of the communication system)

Outlook Integration (the user can call contacts out of Microsoft Outlook and send voice

and fax messages via email)

Auto Attendant (provides, together with the Voicemail, an integrated service which plays

a greeting to the customer and routes the call according to the configuration)


(includes Basic Voice and Unified Communication features)

Flexible Call Queuing (enables the user to define different waiting queues in order to

handle incoming calls according to his or her needs)

Skill-based routing (ensures that callers are always connected to the most qualified

agents, regardless of the contact medium)

Wallboard Functionality (real-time call statistics and queue information for last 24 hours

can be presented on a display or a beamer)

Calling Number-dependent Handling (incoming calls can be individually handled

depending on the calling number)

Contact Centre Agent (myAgent) (the agent can control the functions of the call

centre solution using a desktop client)