Housing and Cloud Solutions

Simplify your life with our Cloud solutions

With our CLOUD, services, you benefit from a redundant network architecture and the highest level of guarantee that a data centre can offer. All your data are hosted in our Luxembourg-based Tier IV data centres.

Our “pay-as-you-use” services are simple, flexible, interactive and instantaneous. You have access to a platform where you can customise the solution in self-service mode and in real time according to your requirements.

You have the choice between 4 options.

 Cloud Server provides you with virtual servers which can be customised in real time and ensure you easy integration with your existing IT infrastructure.

 Cloud Backup enables you to save and recover all your critical data from your computers, laptops and servers (Microsoft Windows, SQL, Linux, etc.).

 Cloud Drive , enables you to create individual or joint online storage spaces and to access them at any time, wherever you are.

You can also create your own private infrastructure with a load balancer in real time and protected by a firewall.

Whatever your choice may be, you can combine our CLOUD services ONLINE and/or CONNECT. You increase your data security and availability by using exclusively cegecom’s network.

Get more flexibility with our housing solutions

Our DATACENTER solutions and services provide the optimal conditions to set up your existing IT infrastructure. Located in Luxembourg and Germany, our data centres use state-of-the-art technologies and meet the highest standards in terms of security and availability: Tier IV and Tier III, redundant connection to our own backbone, electronic and biometric access controls, uninterrupted power feed with emergency generator, air-conditioning and professional fire detection system.

From simple racks – from 10 to 47 height units – to private cages and rooms and provision of hard- and software solutions, our offers are flexible, modular and on-demand customisable. You choose the best solution for you and can adapt it later to cope with the expansion of your IT capacities and the growth of your company. You pay as you grow.

Whatever your choice may be, you can combine our housing services with our ONLINE and/or CONNECT. You increase your data security and accessibility by using exclusively cegecom’s network.

Download Cloud Solution Document 

Download the documentation relating to our Datacenter